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Google My Business Releases API v4.3

Adam W, Senior SEO Specialist

Dec 1st, 2018


Google My Business API v4.3 has been released
Greetings readers! In case you missed it Google My Business just released API v4.3 which adds some exciting new features for roofing business owners to capitalize on.

Here’s a few things that are new that you could use:

Questions and Answers:

Now you can get pull up questions and post answers, as well as provide frequently asked questions about roofing or your roofing company.

Bulk-Read Reviews:

View reviews for multiple locations more easily.

Why should this matter to you?¬†These are changes to the API for developers making their own tools. Good for larger corporations with many locations. It’s a smart move to build your own tools to help track questions submitted about your roofing business in Google Maps and local. Staying on top of your local listings on Google is paramount for roofing contractors, and APIs can really assist with that.


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