An in-depth SEO optimization guide for roofing contractors

Adam W, Senior SEO Specialist

Dec 2nd, 2018


I’ve been in the SEO game for 10 years now and have seen many changes in the search landscape over that time. It used to be so much simpler and easier to rank sites in the past. It really didn’t take much to rank on the first page. Today however, things have changed dramatically. Even so, there are still some time tested methods that still hold true.

Here at Roof Rank, we only do roofing SEO. We can see the bigger picture, and understand this competitive market a little better than a jack of all trades marketing agency. This gives you an additional edge over your competition.

The roofing industry is flooded with services and marketing agencies all vying for your business. This creates a lot of undue pressure and uncertainty for both the agencies and roofing companies.

You can work with two different types of agencies at this point. An artisan type of agency that caters every part of the marketing campaign to your business’ specific needs. Or you can use a factory mill type agency, that deliver a more “one size fits all” approach. Thats not to say they can’t get results, it just may not be the best long term approach for your business goals.


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