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SEO for Roofers

Roofing Search Engine Optimization  involves strategies and methods that can help grow roofing companies with increased site traffic and roofing leads. We do this by gaining 1st page rankings on popular search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

Our Roofing Ranking System follows proven and time tested SEO methodologies that consistently rank pages well. Our detailed approach starts with a comprehensive SEO audit, followed by on-site optimization, content, off-site SEO as well as link building.

The Roofing Ranking System

We’ve spent years perfecting the process. A multi-pronged approach to ranking roofing company websites in Google search. Now your roofing company gets to reap the rewards.

I. On-Site SEO for Roofing Companies

How your website is structured  is paramount for how it ranks on search engines. Certain aspects, usually more technical ones, need to be flawless in order to take on competition in the roofing industry. 

Our methods and processes are focused on the roofing niche. We understand what performs best in this segment, the top keywords for both local and nationwide. We have a solid understanding of how to structure your site in a way that will benefit your search marketing efforts. 


II. Optimized Content Creation

There’s no dying it, content still reigns supreme in Googles eyes. It is a top tanking factor in search, and one to pay attention to. It help develop authority in both Google and your customers eyes. You need well written, optimized content to succeed in search marketing.

Our focus on roofing companies allows us to craft superb content specifically catered to the roofing industry. 


III. Local SEO for Roofing Contractors 

The 3 pack on Google maps is a prized commodity in the search engine landscape. With only a few spots available, you have to bring your A-game or risk being irrelevant in search results. 

Our team uses a thorough and proven system to help improve your local ranking on Google. We understand how to craft citations that work for roofing and take full advatage of these opportunites to rank well in local search.

We have roofing industry specfic directories and location specific link building campaigns to help you gain valuable local links and rise in the local search rankings.


IV. Link Building 

When is comes to the number one ranking factor on Google, you want to make sure you get it right. Link building is arguably the most important factor in ranking your roofing website. 

Those importatant link signals are usually the difference between sites that rank in the top and those that do not.

We focus on only high quality links with high DA/DR and only on those that follow the best practices for link building according to Google

It takes time to curate these high quality lists, but we’ve complied a thorough system to acquire high quality, relevant links from websites. With a focus on white-hat, roofing specific outreach campaigns to get the highest quality links. 

This is what drives traffic, increases rankings, and grows your roofing company.


V. SEO Reporting 

The data you receive on your compaigns should be transparent, thorough, and easy to understand. And reporting on technical SEO data can be overwhelming.

We utilize Google Data Studio to help you visualize all this data, and then walk you through each part so you understand exactly what’s going on.

You’ll see everything we’ve done to help your rankings, view link building reports, see your search rankings, view traffic metrics, and more. But we don’t just give you the report and hope for the best, we’ll hop on a call and walk you through it step by step. 


Move Your Roofing Company To The Top of The Search Rankings and Grab Valuable Customers Searching For You

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Let’s talk roofing seo

Ready to take your roofing SEO marketing efforts to the top level? 

Get started today, space and availabiltiy is limited. 

Let’s talk roofing seo

Ready to take your roofing SEO marketing efforts to the top level? 

Get started today, space and availabiltiy is limited. 

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